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Luling is Poppin' - April 28, 2015

Hey yall! 

So yesterday was "proselyting Monday" cuz transfers are tomorrow so that's why I didn't get to email. but oh my goodness there was the biggest storm of my life!! literally. at 10am the sky was practically black and we were on tornado lockdown! the sirens were going off and our phone was getting a bunch of emergency texts and of course Elder Morrell and I wanted to see it so we went outside our apartment and were videoing the lightning and stuff and we literally nearly got struck by lightning. I swear on my life it was the scariest thing but I got it on video!! Idk if it's too big to send in an email or not but i'll try, but if you look at it you can see that it was literally just a few feet away from us and the thunder was deafening. it was SO COOL!! hahah but ya we didn't see a tornado but one touched down somewhere else in Louisiana and blew a train off a bridge so that was nuts.

Anyways, this week was pretty slow cuz it was crazy storms all week and we're still on bikes so everytime we went out we got caught in the storms....i hate the rain here haha we saw a 12 foot gator in the middle of the highway though so that was awesome!! and we did a lot of tracting and I had so many doors slammed in my face this week. it was great! haha all i could say was "hello" and they'd be like "nope. not interested." SLAM. I was mad at first but it just got to the point that I just laughed everytime. 

And we got a referral from the sisters here for a guy named Eugene so we went and visited him. Oh my goodness. this guy was a trip haha so he's 72 years old and he told us quite a few stories. Some of which included his multiple visits to jail for fighting, his 4 or 5 ladies that want him to marry them and his vast love for work and money. This dude talked to us for about 2 hours and we talked for maybe 5 minutes the whole time. he has 10 kids and he even said he had a 3 page list of women that he's been with that he wanted to show us but we said we'd have to take a raincheck on that. haha he was a nice dude but he kinda scared me at the end cuz he was trying to convince us that he was crazy and we were like you're not crazy! to which he replied "yes i am! I spent over $500 on this box of knives" he then pulled out a massive box of all different kinds of knives and axes and proceeded to tell us how he has some in every room of his house...hahah the guy was awesome though. I'm pumped to see what he has to say the next time we see him.

And the Lord is blessing us with miracles! We had 4 investigators at sacrament! Xavier, Mr. Charles, Mike and his girlfriend Barbara! It was awesome! And Xavier is getting baptized this Saturday so the first missionary that found him, Elder Makin, is doing that and then he asked me to confirm him  so I'm pumped!! but ya I love it here. The sisters and Elder Morrell and I are killing it here! members of the branch even said that they've never had a group of missionaries as powerful as the 4 of us are so that got me stoked. Being a missionary isn't easy, but i love it :) anyways, thank yall so much for the emails and everything every week!! Love yall!!

Elder Armstrong

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