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March 30, 2015

Hey!! I'm in the tub!! 
Hey y'all!! So, first off I hope these emails are at least semi-entertaining and that y'all enjoy reading them - even though they're kinda long. I think my stories are funny but maybe that's just me...haha anyhow, I bet a lot of y'all are wonderin why I titled my email what it is...well let me tell ya! So. We were tracting down this street and we were trying to go see a potential investigator named Oscar. We get to his house and knock on the door and there's a window right next to it and some guy yells "Hey!! Hey who's there??" Not gonna lie it kinda scared me but we were like "uhh the missionaries..." Then Oscar was like "I'm in the tub!! come back later!" hahah that made me laugh pretty hard.

Things are good out here though. We've been working out in the mornings with the sisters in our area and one of them is a personal trainer...holy crap I thought I was in shape and I was sorely mistaken. Leg day was last Wednesday and Elder Morrell and I are just barely able to walk normal's been rough. Haha We had kind of a slow week because we were planning a devotional for this last Thursday about the life of Jesus Christ but we ended up having to cancel it because a couple of guys randomly showed up and started replacing the carpet at the same time we were supposed to have our devotional! And no one knows who called them! I think it was Satan...but that's just me. But on Wednesday Elder Morrell and I were able to go the temple with a member in our branch, Brother Pearsall! It was so fun! I love the temple SO much. Literally the best place on earth. Like I said it was a slow week but I've got a couple of things that happened that were pretty cool.

So first, we were riding through this neighborhood and I saw this guy and felt really strongly to go and talk to him so we flipped around and went up to his door and some old lady came to the window and yelled at us to leave hahah so we left and visited some other people. A couple hours later when we were leaving we rode down his street and he was out walking his dog so we stopped and talked to him, his name is Mr. Seymour. He's been wanting to go to church for a long time cuz he's catholic but doesn't like it there. So he said we can come meet with him this week and that he'll come to church in a couple of Sundays! But he said the old lady that yelled at us was his mom and that she though we were Jehova's Witnesses and so that's why she yelled at us! so we rode back to the house and she was out on the porch and Elder Morrell stops and says, "Ma'am, we're not Jehova's Witnesses." She was like "Oh, you're not?" Then he said "Nope, we're Mormons!" then she smiled and said "Well come on in!" hahaha I thought that was awesome.

We had another great lesson with Xavier and we had real talk with him about baptism and the spirit was so strong it was amazing. He said he needs a little more time but could see himself getting baptized which is awesome!! I can't wait for the day that he says he's ready to be baptized!!:)

Anyways, I want y'all to know how much I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him we'd all be lost. But through him anything is possible. The mission is SO hard at times but "I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength."(2Nephi22:2) I promise all of you that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring comfort and peace no matter what challenge you are going through. We are given trials to test our faith and devotion to him. Living the gospel is definitely not easy, but like my parents always told me "Nothing worth doing in life is ever going to come easy." Always remember to turn to your Father in Heaven in humble prayer and he will deliver you. I miss y'all a lot and thanks so much for all the emails and letters!! Love y'all!!

-Elder Armstrong

Sooo this little creek and trees are actually right behind our apartment complex and we always see little gators in there. 

Elder Morrell & I at the temple

Elder Armstrong
Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission

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