Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey everyone!!

WOW. Louisiana is reeaaallyy different. like my gosh it is so strange. First off, it's flippin' hot. Like imagine if Satan wore's hotter than that and it's not even spring?! 

And here, instead of saying "kids" or "children" people say "churn" (example: "Look at all dem little churn runnin' 'round.") 

I got put with the sickest trainer, his name is Elder Morrell! He's from Layton, UT and went to Northridge a couple years ago. He was the AP but got pulled down to train me and we get along great! He played football in high school and he likes to have fun and work hard which is perfect cuz that's what I want to do. 

We're in a little town off the Mississippi River. We're out in the bayous. YESSSSS!!! And i've already seen 4 freakin gators so that's awesome. kinda freaky tho...they're scary when you realize that you're not in the zoo and they could eat you...anyways, I've realized right away though that it's gonna be TOUGH out here. Like we've had 10 appointments this week and they all cancelled. what the heck?? rude. but whatever. and we only have 1 progressing investigator who is 16 and is named Xavier. He wants to be baptized and has been taught everything but just doesn't have the desire to follow through with our commitments so we're gonna have "real talk" with him this week. 

Quick little story, we were riding our bikes down this street and we'd say hi to people and they'd be like "'sup detectives" or "sup undercovers" they think were cops and they don't really like us...some ladies were nice though so that was a plus.

Also, we got bible bashed in the nicest way possible by this lady named Rachelle. Hahah we were walkin and i felt like we should go talk to her, so we did. And in the nicest way possible she told us we were gonna go to hell for spreading the false gospel of the false prophet Joseph Smith...kind of upsetting. actually VERY upsetting. but she was genuinely concerned for our wellfare cuz we were "nice young men" and shouldn't ruin our lives. haha good times here in the bible belt.

I know that we should trust in the Lord 100% and if we're doing what we're supposed to and have faith then He will help us no matter what!! (see 2 Nephi 22:2) The mission won't be easy but it's the least I could do to serve our Savior after all he has given me. I miss y'all like crazy!! Thanks for all the support!! love y'all!

-Elder Armstrong

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