Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reporting to the MTC - March 4, 2015

This blog belongs to Elder Armstrong; however, since missionaries are not allowed to "blog" while serving a mission, he's asked me (his mother) to update his blog when he sends us emails and photos. I'm happy to help out! Thanks for your support & interest.  Here's to the to the next 2 years!!

MTC Drop-Off

I quickly snapped this pic right as this nice MTC Host Greeter (who is also an Elder at the MTC) welcomed us. He helped with getting the luggage out of our vehicle and said he'd be Elder Armstrong's companion into the building. We were given about 2 minutes or less to get the luggage out and say our good-byes. It was all so fast!!  You can just tell by the smile on Elder Armstrong's face, how excited he was to be there. He really was in such great spirits and couldn't wait to begin his mission! So proud of him! 

 It's official. The mission has begun! 

Walking in to the MTC.
He was focused, happy to be there, & really calm about everything. He is truly ready! 

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