Sunday, March 22, 2015

4 Days 'til Louisiana

March 13, 2015

I don't know how to describe how the time goes here in the sometimes its SO slow and it feels like the day will never end, and then 2 hours later you're like whoa; that was only like 5 minutes! I'm loving it here though!! But it definitely has it's this guy in my district, Elder Harman (the larger kid with the glasses in the pictures) is a struggle to get along with. Like I've tried to exercise love and patience but he is ALWAYS singing this weird showtune versions of scripture songs and hymns. His feet smell so bad that the smell consumes the room. He's always up past 10:30 keeping the lights on and keeping all of us up doing who knows what. And he's had the worst cough since we got here. Like literally, LITERALLY sounds like a dog barking. And not a tiny dog. Like a fetching german shepherd. It's awful. And we've all kinda been pranking eachother in the room but I nearly lost it with him a couple days ago. I was in bed and I was almost asleep and the lights go on and so I jump out of bed and turn them off (after they've been on for a while) and the next thing I knew, I was covered in medicated baby powder - the stuff that smells like aloe or whatever. Elder Harman sat there and sprayed it all over me when I got up, and I about lost it with him. I didn't swear and I didn't get physical and to be honest, i'm not quite sure how hahaha but we've since moved on from that and lets just say it'll be nice to say goodbye to him :)

Anyways, Elder Stimpson is still funny and is such a hick I love it. Hahaha he always talks about trucks and cows and has this southern drawl and we have some good laughs together. And Elder Thielen is hilarious too. He draws these little cartoons of all of us in the district and they're so funny. I'll send some pics next week of what he's done, but ya I got along with those 2 really well. And I love learning the gospel!! I wish I was in Baton Rouge already but I'm flyin' out on Tuesday morning!! (and no mom and dad you can't come say hi at the airport, it's against the rules) but ya it's crazy. I feel like I've learned so much but still have a ton left to learn!! It's amazing what the spirit can do though. The biggest struggle for me at the beginning of the week was learning how to let the spirit work through me and fill my mouth and mind with the right words. Cuz obviously I can feel the spirit but it's confusing on how to interpret it sometimes. But we (me and my companion, Elder Stimpson) were in a lesson with an investigator here at the MTC and it's funny cuz he (my companion) hardly says ANYTHING. Like when we hang out he talks a lot, but he clams up in the lessons and doesnt trust himself to talk hahaha but we were sitting in a lesson and were trying to talk about how we know that God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is His Son and I can't remember what I said, but I felt the spirit so strong and was bearing my testimony to her (our investigator) and remembering scriptures and things like I never have before and she was in tears and I was practically shaking cuz the spirit was so strong. It was amazing. I know this church is true and I love this gospel so so so so much and I know that if we exercise complete faith in Heavenly Father anything is possible.

Thanks so much though for all the emails and letters and packages from everyone!! I attached some pics of the guys in my room and my district! And I'll try and write all of you back, they only give us an hour to do this though and our schedule is pretty packed, but I'll try and get back to all of you! Love y'all!!

-Elder Armstrong

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